Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trudy Trike and rainbow socks

So I went out for a ride on Trudy today to the local store for some groceries.
I had many people toot their horns and make comments about my cool wheels. Surprisingly they were all from men LOL even some young laddies said they want trikes now.
It may have been my awesome rainbow socks drawing attention though as they are very eye catching LOL

So I am very unfit and was huffing and puffing on the way home with my basket full of groceries. My back was aching, the tops of my legs, my chest was tight and my ARSE!!!

I guess the main thing is I saved at least $4 on petrol taking her out. Every time I tough it out I save more money. So frugal is I.
Oh and and I'm awesomely cool :-P

1 comment:

karisma said...

Love it! If I did not live at the top of a hill, I would totally want one too! Love the socks!