Sunday, September 27, 2009

My hypothesis on why women shave their armpits and legs

I am doing an essay on feminism and have gone searching for other peoples views on why women in Western cultures shave their legs and armpits.
I have only found one hypothesis that matches my own (so far) which is really frustrating, as it wasn't from a reliable source (or one that would count in the eyes of the university), so I can't back up my own theory in my essay.

I will keep searching and perhaps someone reading this post my already know where this is written in stone.
So here it goes:

Men who reach puberty show as much by their facial and body hair. It gives them a sense of power over boys. They become Men and (in their eyes) protectors of meek frilly girls and women.
To symbolise the femininity of women as vulnerable and in need of a mans protection and power, men prefer a shaven woman which is prepubescent and child like in appearance. Like a boy, a shaven or feminine person is less powerful. I suppose women also subconsciously (those who believe they need to protection of a man even though evolution and changes in society have removed the need for large strong and violent men to protect women and children from wild beasts wanting to enter their caves), want to appear younger and more vulnerable to attract men to them.
I guess this means that hairy feminists who are strong and powerful make men feel insignificant or inadequate. What will they do with all of that testosterone if women are no longer desirable. Hairy women are too masculine you see. They must all be lesbians and man haters. They deliberately stay natural (yes nature intended for grown women to have body hair shock horror surprise surprise) just because they don't want to attract the opposite sex LOL this is going to halt reproduction if women gain equality. Shit.. the world will be doomed I say DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!
So we must, for the benefit of male domination over how women should look and act and for the continuity of society SHAVE!!!!

Anyone who disagrees is a man hater. Ask any Man.. they should know.. they know everything about women, heck we're not even allowed to birth without a mans guidance anymore. LOL

This post is packed full of sarcasm.. I don't think the world is doomed if women stop shaving and I don't believe this theory applies to modern society. I am just talking about the origins of women shaving.


Earthworm said...

Hmmm...Some like to and some don't, what does it matter? Do we have to make judgements and assumptions based on our particular bias about it?
Throughout my adult life I have had periods of time when I don't shave/wax and periods of time when I do, usually based on what I feel like doing at the time. What always astounds me is that people think they have the right to comment whether I do or whether I don't. Quiet frankly I don't think it's anyones business whatever I choose to do.
I am continually amazed at the amount of spare time some people must have if they can sit around speculating on why someone does/doesnt't shave/wax whatever they choose.
I hope you are looking other cultures as well as western ones as we are not unique in this.
I also hope you will devote some time to looking at what motivates men to wax their body hair at the request of their partners.

Genie said...

Hi Earthworm,
I have put all of 24 hours of my life into why women started shaving LOL
I don't really care why people do or don't these days. I am a feminist and I shave. I just wonder how and why it becomes the norm to remove something on our body that is meant to be there.
Why is pink a girls colour? Why does society believe women are more feminine if they wax and shave and wear dresses and skirts and push up bras?
Why are men classed as metro-sexual or sissy's if they get manicures and shave their chests?
Why is there always a stereotype and label for everyone who decides to dress or look a certain way?
Some may say that I am not a true feminist because I shave. Some women may be labeled as man haters and lesbians because they don't shave..

So, if you read my disclaimer on my post you would realise that I agree with you... I am not commented on YOUR legs, I am commenting on the history of it all.. the reasons people choose do to things now may be totally different than 70+ years ago.

karisma said...

LOL! Yeah Im with you. Im all for equality and woman looking however they like, I however prefer to be smooth.

Genie said...

I like smooth too.. for both genders LOL

Kel said...

Hahaha! Where is that 'spit drink' smiley? (Sorry, I haven't checked blogs for a while, and this is a beauty of a post!)

But seriously, I believe that 'feminism' (I hate that word though) is about having choices. Choose to go work, choose to stay at home. Choose to cut hair off, choose to leave it. No biggy.

I personally shave very rarely.

I read John Taylor Gatto's 'Weapons of mass instruction' a few weeks ago, and he talks (well, more like he vehemently argues) about how schooling keeps people in a perpetual child-like state. He makes a pretty strong argument, which, interestingly, got me thinking about the whole shaving thing, and wondering if it is related to being vulnerable?