Saturday, September 12, 2009

For Karisma

I have been so busy with studies that I haven't had much spare time to blog, but seeing as Karisma is missing me, I felt obliged to post tonight LOL

So.. studies seem to be going well. I am on campus now which I totally love. I feel like a kid again.
I'm doing 4 units this semester:
Stats and research
Aboriginal Studies
research communications.

Most of the other students have dropped a unit or two because the workload is full on, especially if you have a job or family. I have considered doing the same, but am wanting to finish my studies before I turn 70 LOL
I seem to be managing ok so far, but exams haven't started yet. I do ok with Essays but exams give me anxiety. Every week I have a test for atleast one of my units anyway, in preparation for the real thing. I'm getting above 80% in all of those.
Last night I sent in an Essay for research communications and Monday I am getting the results for my sociology essay.

I've been having a hard time with Breeze the last couple of weeks figuring out what action to take in regards to school. She can't stay at home on her own and I am not quitting uni. Call me selfish, but I am 35 and am finally doing something in my life that makes me feel worthy. I'm not giving that up. Breeze needs to learn how to socialize anyway and she can't do that hiding herself away at home (which is what she wants to do).
I had her assessed at a child and adolescent mental health service and they say she is still emotionally 3 years old. It's so true.. even tonight after going to Hungry Jacks for dinner (a once in a blue moon treat) she cried over not getting the toy she wanted and then when she got her toy she named it and played with it like a toddler. She will be 12 in February.
Studying is my respite. I have had a 3 year old for nearly 12 years. I have other children who need me also, and I am going to snap if I have to revolve my entire life around struggling to cope with them. They are the majority of my life and always will be most important, but I can't completely deprive myself for them anymore.
Like they say.. happy mother happy child... well in some aspects LOL

So until the end of the term (which is less than two weeks away anyway) Breeze is staying at the Steiner school. I nearly pulled her out and sent her mainstream but then thought harder about it. They know how to bully more in State schools. They are better at it and they will be strangers. Atleast the kids at Steiner know Breeze now.
She thinks that she will waltz in and be welcomed and all will be perfect.
So.. her teacher has made a deal with her. if she doesn't want to go into class she doesn't have to. She can go and help the founders teacher look after the little kiddies or she can go and hang out with her PE teacher.
Last week actually went really well. She hung out with the Founders on Monday and half of Tuesday but for the rest of the week was happy to stay in her own class.
She came home with her face painted on Thursday and Friday and when I asked her who did it, she said that kids in her class did. I said.. well see.. they are playing with you.. that's progress.
She said.. well they have to be nice or they will get into trouble.
Poor kid's self esteem is crushed :0(

So, on a happier note.. Aiden will be 4 in a week!!! My baby is no longer a baby *sobs*. I have a few prezzies stashed away in the shed. We aren't into plastic toys normally, but we couldn't resist the Aldi toy white goods. We got him a microwave, dishwasher, fridge, sink, BBQ, Vaccuum, clothes washer and a Kenwood. The play room is going to be totally decked out. I can't wait to play with his toys.. oh.. um.. I can't wait to give Aiden his toys LOL

No photos this week as the camera needs charging.


karisma said...

Why thank you my love! You are too kind! So glad you are doing well and I agree Breeze should stay where she is! Mainstream school is crap! At least where she is she has the freedom to do things more the way she likes with people who understand her.

Wow I can't believe Aiden is nearly 4 already! How fast they grow hey? Im sure he is just going to love his new set up! Sounds like fun!

Genie said...

I've actually been stunned at the amount of support we have received from Breeze's teacher. I didn't think they would be so tolerant of kids with these types of special needs.. but her teacher was practically begging me to let her try and help. I love how she tels Breeze that she loves her dearly and I love how she makes time at night to phone me and for a chat, which she did 3 times over the past 2 weeks.
She is also working with the mental health services who are giving her tips on how to support Breeze at school. I love that I don't have to do this on my own anymore.

In regards to Aiden.. he's going to LOVE his new toys. He has asked for them every time we have gone to Aldi. Little does he know they are already bought and stashed in the shed LOL

artemis-of-the-eucalypts said...

Wow, that is awesome re Breeze huh! I know this post was for Karisma, but I wanted to read too!

Genie said...

LOL you can gate crash anytime AOTE